November 17, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 42 - The Devil and Valentine's Day part 1]

In school, girls are squealing over secretly putting it on his desk and they basically cannot dare give it to him directly. In class, Haruto and others are surprised to see a pile of chocolates on Haruto’s desk. While removing his scarf, Haruto becomes dark and he mutters hindrance.

November 13, 2017

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 62 - Kouhai]

Recalling Tokize’s performance during the preliminaries, Atsumu thinks that was the first time he heard senpai-s’ performance. “I’ve already decided on that moment. I’ve decided...decided to join this club.”

November 6, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 72]

Three little angels blow their horns and congratulate Shou who had just waked up. Shou rubs his eyes and thinks that this is terrible because it seems that he had just seen something. Yuki says that it would be considerably terrible. Shou pauses and turns to the side.

October 26, 2017

Free Talk: Blog on a Break

I'll be going on a trip with my sister's family tomorrow. I'll work on the pending summaries when I come back on November 2.

Advance Happy Halloween and All Saints Day to those who celebrate it. ^^

Kasane [Chapter 101 - Pointing Finger]

Yoshio tells Kingo that when he wasn’t around, ‘Saki’ came into the office. Kingo says is that so, and afterwards, how’s ‘Saki’. Yoshio says that according to Wakasugi... Flashback: Wakasugi asked Saki if she has any business because right now, Yoshio isn’t here...

October 24, 2017

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 252]

[Free talk: It’s the 24th and the two series I’m waiting for aren’t out yet. So, I’ll work on them when I come back. I’ll just finish up another Kasane before the trip. About this chapter of SB...]

I commented about the four pages were blah-blah and who would have thought that the whole chapter are indeed blah-blah. ^^; First, Yuki and others talk about how amazing Kanae’s hint was and how amazing for Kyouko to immediately pick it up to perform the scene well.

October 23, 2017

Kasane [Chapter 100 - On Top of the Surface]

Before heading into the car with Kingo, Kasane sees a small stone marker. The words ‘Akeiwa Village memorial tower’ are engraved on it. Kingo says in this place, the daughter of the deceased [vanished] woman will once again dance the legend [kagura] that had destroyed this place—

October 20, 2017

Free Talk: Blog Stuff

I want to inform you guys that I’ll be away this coming Friday for a week. I’m hitching on my sister’s family vacation trip. =P There will also be another short trip for 4 days at the end of November.

I won’t be able to finish summarizing if the Chinese scanlation for Namaikizakari and Kono Oto Tomare aren’t out yet by the 24th. Lol, hopefully, they don’t come out at the same time since I need a few days to finish a chapter especially if it is loaded with dialogue. ^^;;

I’m really hoping that either one is out by tomorrow. From observation, scanlators don’t release on Sundays. Also from observation, Namaikizakari is usually out quickly if it is a romantic chapter but the group usually prioritize Skip Beat first if it is out in the same HtY issue.
The official page of Hana to Yume has a preview of  4 pages of Skip Beat and Namaikizakari. Skip beat is blah blah between Yuki and the others. Namaikizakari is a continuation of THAT NIGHT. It will go on a break since it isn’t listed among the series that will be out in the next issue.

That’s it for now.

October 19, 2017

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 118]

Shouta and Sawako text each other, ‘Let’s do our best together’. Then, at some college testing site, Sawako and Ume are taking an exam. At the station, the two girls tell each other that the exams are over. Ume tells Sawako that they go see the list of passers together. Sawako says yes. Ume holds out her pinkie finger.

October 17, 2017

Kasane [Chapter 99 - Appearing in the Bottom of One’s Heart]

Kingo tells Kasane that it has been a long time and she looks like she fairly has enthusiasm. Kasane didn’t reply. Kingo wonders why she didn’t answer. He says that she is searching into her mother’s past and it wasn’t easy to find this final stop [on bus] to come to here to ‘Akeiwa’ village.

October 14, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 96]

Narration: “It was said that the king and Prime Minister Shuu don’t get along well. What could have happened before between the two?” Yuulin recalls Kouren telling her that it is because he lost His Majesty’s trust. She also recalls Reishou reminding Kouren that he told him before not to cross the line.

October 10, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 71]

Wearing a scuba diving mask, Hitomi tells Shou how is his entrance exam. After a pause, Shou says that it is all finished today. Hitomi says ah, it’s already over. She greets him ‘good work’[/yoroshiku]. He asks what she is doing. Hitomi says that she’ll go snorkeling even if it is February. “I’ll go to Okinawa. If there is something you want, just send me a LIME [message].”

October 5, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 95]

Narration: “This country of Hakuyou is governed by a young king known as Haku Reishou. He personally commanded the army to suppress the armed rebellion. He purged the corruption in the central government...

October 3, 2017

Kagehime no Konrei [Chapter 2]

Narration: “The frail princess had passed away. I replaced that princess and got married off to the enemy country’s prince. But the prince has seen through it that I’m not the real princess...

September 29, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 70]

Abe freaks out over the fangirls taking pictures from the gym’s door. He asks what’s up with this human wall and that continuously shutter noise. A guy says that it seems that they are recording Captain Shou’s last figure so those girls have gathered around here and he couldn’t get in.